About Us

Service business entrepreneurs
committed to modernizing the facility
maintenance industry

The uSource Solution

uSource is a unique software solution. It was crafted by entrepreneurs who understand the particular challenges of growing facility management businesses. uSource wasn’t created by software developers in a lab, and it’s not a one-size-fits-all tool that doesn’t quite meet your needs.

Software is only worth buying if you use it. Unfortunately, many service businesses have become frustrated with the limitations of other solutions. The creators of uSource experienced these challenges, inspiring them to build a complete solution to manage and connect your sales, operations, HR, time and attendance, and financial systems.

Better Business

For new users, we offer a 180-day license for the entire system at zero cost, so by the time you are an experienced user, you’ll know exactly who will be using the system in your company and what they need.

Why We Built uSource

The creators of uSource recognized that manual processes cost time and unnecessary labor costs, while bit-part patched-together software is expensive and hard to manage. In addition, we realize that inaccurate reports and lack of visibility damage your customer relationships.

As business owners, we experienced problems communicating consistently with our growing workforce and managing all the labor, materials, and supplies for successful services and happy customers. In response, we used a team of developers who worked behind the scenes for years, thinking through every industry quirk to create game-changing software that will transform your facilities maintenance business.