Usource is the complete business solution
for your facility maintenance business

You can use uSource for every aspect of your business or just for one area—your choice


Critical Features

Time & Attendance Tracking

Have the Right People in the Right Place at the Right Time

uSource prevents excessive hours and manages your labor costs in real-time

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uSource’s superior time and attendance recording system enables managers and supervisors to reschedule employees swiftly.

The system tracks each employee within geofenced locations. Unlike other time and attendance software, uSource automatically logs out workers when they leave their assigned area, asking them to confirm their status via the mobile app.

uSource provides managers and supervisors with accurate worker activity and associated costs in real-time, empowering them to make critical scheduling changes. For example, you can move staff from one location to another to meet budget and scheduling requirements.

In addition, this feature has critical safety and risk management benefits. uSource logs risk profiles, risk exposure, or prohibited time for every technician. As a result, managers can limit hours for critical workers to comply with legal, security, health and safety, and insurance requirements. In high-risk or secure facilities, uSource eliminates the need for additional tracking—location and time logging are done automatically by the mobile app.

uSource is a highly flexible and adaptive system with built-in transparency and accountability. You can allow clients or insurance providers access to real-time tracking and reports to monitor compliance.



End Working for Free—Automatically Bill Your Work

uSource connects your time tracking, operations, and finance seamlessly, enabling you to capture all your work and bill your clients accurately 

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Many service businesses struggle to bill accurately. No matter which payroll or financial systems you use, your success depends on accurate and timely billing. This usually requires diligent and detailed manual accounting processes; logging hours worked or services provided in one system; creating totals and client bill estimates in another; and communicating those bills to your financial system for invoicing. Any change to your time and attendance data may be too late to bill to the client.

uSource transforms these processes, making customer billing seamless and painless. From the integrated time and attendance and operations system, uSource offers you the ultimate flexibility to create invoices, deliver to clients, and record them in your financial system. Everything is integrated into one seamless package.

uSource provides multiple billing options, including generating invoice items directly from the time and attendance system. Consequently, uSource lets you bill the client every hour or unit your employees logged.

uSource replaces cumbersome manual processes and provides you with accurate, real-time project and financial information at your fingertips. This seamless connection between operations and finance ensures you never lose the hours you worked. In addition, your clients will love the timeliness and transparency built into uSource.



End Confusion & Scheduling Complexity

Complete mobile management of your staff and subcontractors 

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uSource allows you to control every individual workspace remotely. There is no need to juggle multiple systems or reams of spreadsheets; instead, uSource assigns technicians to tasks and sets employee and subcontractor schedules from any location.

Managers can create jobs and redirect employees to and from service areas at the speed of technology. Because each building could have unique service requirements, instructions can be property-specific. Instructions can be updated from day to day, or even within the hour, and managers can send alerts, messages, and notices unique to that location to every employee or contractor. For example, if one technician is unavailable, managers can notify a substitute in real-time. It’s like being on-site 24/7/365.

uSource works for field associates, too. The system allows field associates to access their schedule, role, directions, and lists of tasks from their mobile devices. It prevents them from getting lost or heading to the wrong building by mistake.

uSource schedule manager reduces the stress of overseeing staff and helps both supervisors and staff better manage their workload.



Empower Your Employees with the Data They Need to Serve Your Customers Best

Accurate, flexible workflow across all customer activities 

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uSource includes a flexible and user-friendly business operations module. Unlike other workflow management tools, the software doesn’t just focus on clients or jobs but individual properties as well. So, while senior executives can still review progress at the customer or regional level, uSource enables every team to manage their activities right down to the building location.

This unique capability enables your service teams to control that location’s activities and manage schedules, technicians, supplies, and equipment with the click of a button. You can easily assign each user the proper access and empower every worker servicing that location in whatever capacity.

This ultimate flexibility also delivers better cost analysis and business understanding. Unlike standard accounting software, uSource allows you to analyze profitability for every service at every location—not just at the job or client level. This insight helps you price smarter and manage costs easier.

uSource also reduces the headache of connecting employee time to payroll. It provides a seamless and effortless transfer of recorded time and cost to your payroll processing service.



Your Instant Fix for Inspection & Customer Support

Make inspections a snap and create easy fixes for every customer issue

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Customer inspections are an important and challenging part of your job. Often, completing an inspection solution, fixing issues, and satisfying your customer is a multi-step process.

uSource’s changes the inspection game completely. Supervisors can start inspections on their phones. If any service aspect is below standard, the system will automatically create, assign, and track a support ticket until the problem is fixed.

In addition, business leaders get complete visibility into what’s happening in the field. You can see what issues are cropping up in which areas and quickly understand systemic problems.

Using uSource as an inspection and support ticket tool will translate into happier clients. You can even let your customers and building managers create their own tickets within the system, providing them with flexible permissions at the individual customer, region, or location level. Every inspection result can be logged and every ticket recorded to completion.

As a result, preparing for periodic customer reviews is a snap. uSource pulls every work record and customer comment—good and bad—to enable a balanced appraisal of your service quality, gently reminding your customers that problems are the exception rather than the standard.


Supplier Management

uSource: The Center of Your Seamless Supply Chain

Manage, monitor, and maintain every piece of equipment across your growing business 

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As your facility maintenance business grows, so does the number of supplies and equipment you need. To keep you organized, uSource provides a comprehensive equipment log. Within the system, you can easily manage every single piece of equipment in your business, from the smallest hand tool to the largest vehicle.

Once added to the system, uSource shows the location of every item, along with every relevant document, including manuals, repair instructions, and recommended maintenance schedules.

Instead of building an entirely new process to manage equipment, uSource lets you control every element at the click of a mouse. Its searchable database shows the location of every piece of equipment and every part. Log any request for equipment acquisition, maintenance, or transfer into uSource and the system immediately reflects that request. In addition, the maintenance record of every vehicle, machine, and tool is contained within the system; if a particular tool is not at a required location, uSource shows its location and allows you to request a transfer.

You can store, display, access, and reference the correct manual for every piece of equipment from any location. No more searching for the latest version of a repair guide: it’s all available through uSource. This becomes your ultimate time-saver for facility maintenance teams throughout your network.


Sales Management

Simpler, More Relevant Sales Management That Grows with Your Business

Overcome the headaches of sales rep transitions and remote accountability in your growing services business 

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Is your customer database riddled with errors and last-minute updates? Do you have trouble corralling your latest leads from sales reps and remote partners? Have you tried multiple sales management systems and found nothing that adapts to your business, speaks your language, or supports your growth?

These are all common growing pains for facility management businesses. None of the off-the-shelf CRM companies understand the unique challenges of service provision in your industry because most of them are built for large sales teams and big company reporting. With uSource, you can finally use a CRM system that beats to the rhythm of your business.

uSource was created by entrepreneurs who understand growing facility management and services business, not by software developers in a lab. uSource is the ultimate scalable sales management system that supports your day-to-day customer engagement and helps you grow.

uSource was purpose-built to put you, the facility management entrepreneur, at the heart of your customer information. Its unique sales management platform lets you control your entire sales process as you grow. Its dynamic, flexible system logs every activity, presenting the complete picture of your customer pipeline through closing the sale, whether you have one sales partner or a hundred. As a result, you have full visibility into your entire sales process from one simple screen, from potential lead to customer acquisition.

uSource scales along with the complexity of any sales model, whether centralized or spread across regions. With you in the driver’s seat, watch your reps prospect, push deals forward, and drive your business’s evolution. uSource’s simple, intuitive reporting delivers everything your business needs to satisfy the most demanding prospects and customers.


Client Portal

uSource Transforms Your Customer Relationships

Become a trusted partner, not just one of many vendors

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uSource changes your customer conversations. Introducing customers to this simple, powerful system will help you establish a close, collaborative partnership instead of competing on price with low-cost competitors.

Rather than struggle to satisfy changing customer demands, uSource makes you and your customer partners. By giving your customers access to their workflow, sharing schedules, staffing, inspections, and quality audits, you will make them better informed and aware of all your work.

Providing customers access to uSource will also save them time and money. They will see precisely which services you’re delivering at every property in their network in real-time. They can communicate directly with your managers, change requests instantly, and add more services or custom requests at the speed of technology.

At renewal time, or when bidding for new customers or properties, showcasing uSource up-levels the conversation. You become a technology-led professional enterprise, partnering with your customers to deliver top-quality service with the minimum of fuss. In addition, your services are transparent, welcoming your customers’ engagement in the joint pursuit of service excellence.



Everyone on the Same Page, with the Same Information

Standardize and communicate your company policies and documents right across your business 

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As a services company, you probably serve customers in many locations. Your managers and employees may work a long way from your corporate office and rarely contact your business leaders.

This challenge accelerates as you grow. For example, you might serve customers in multiple states, with a mix of employees and sub-contractors, all bound by different regulations and work practices. This complexity makes it hard to act as an integrated, coordinated organization, delivering consistent customer service, treating employees the same, and driving unified company goals and values.

uSource brings your company together under one umbrella. As a result, you look like one collaborative organization to both customers and staff. Using one integrated system helps you deliver consistent customer service, share best practices across teams, and communicate the same message to every team member by simply uploading company documents and memos to your teams.

Just as supervisors can transmit alerts to people at a single location, you can send important messages to every employee, people in specific roles, or regional or customer teams. For example, news about changes in suppliers, best practices, or simple business and motivational messages pop us as every employee logs in. Goodbye unread emails: now you are all on the same page.

Standardizing your policies within uSource helps your customers, too. Giving customers access to selected functions lets them know you operate and what to expect. They can access documents, manuals, and service details from the same place, making their jobs easier and giving them confidence that you are a coordinated, professional company.