Discover the power of connection with uSource! Our cutting-edge platform revolutionizes your operations, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional service.

With tools for real-time billing, workforce scheduling, and service dispatching, uSource simplifies complex processes. The comprehensive dashboard provides a bird’s-eye view of all facilities, enhancing maintenance coordination and daily management.

Streamline Your Operations, Focus on Your Goals...

Access all your facilities via a single, powerful dashboard. Expand into new markets seamlessly and enhance your service delivery without the usual hassles. With uSource, operational efficiency is not just an aim—it’s a given.

Easy to use, simple to scale

Our web and mobile operations were built with the ease for anybody to master. Say Goodbye to costly IT setups and tedious admin tasks. With uSource, step into a world where software isn’t just a tool—it’s your strategic partner.

Customer Portal

A digital interface that connects clients, vendors, and partners via mobile and web platforms to access resources and information, enhancing collaboration and business interactions.

Collaborate with these features 
  • Reporting
  • Progress Tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Job Tickets

Support Tickets

See real-time progress and actions taken on each ticket.

Collaborate with these features 
  • Ticket Action
  • Real Time View
  • Monitor Status


Create checklists, perform inspections, and submit reports conveniently from your phone or tablet.

Collaborate with these features 
  • Improve Quality
  • Reduce Downtime
  • Customize Inspections


Optimizes operational communication, enhances efficiency, and ensures cohesive workflows for streamlined processes and efficient resource allocation.

Collaborate with these features 
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration
  • All-in-One Work Management
  • Global Documentation

Global Documentation

Handle your complete document life cycle by establishing a content library that is accessible to your organization. Assign specific access permissions for relevant teams and external parties.

Collaborate with these features 
  • Assign Access By Role
  • Bolster Security
  • Easy Filtering

Reporting & Dashboard

Assist your organization in making well-informed maintenance decisions by having the appropriate reports ready.

Collaborate with these features 
  • Reduce Inspection Times
  • Lower Labor Cost
  • Control Cost

Time & Attendance

Time and attendance solution centralized for your dynamic staff across various client locations.

Collaborate with these features 
  • Auto Clock Out System
  • Monitor Times
  • Reduce Overtime

Asset Management

Identify information and status of every asset, assign assets to teams and locations.

Collaborate with these features 
  • Unite your organization
  • Manage assets from anywhere
  • Perform mobile audits


Don't miss billing, the auto-billable item nationality provides peace of mind that all services, and items are being billed to your client.

Collaborate with these features 
  • More revenue
  • Improve Cash Flow
  • Real Time Billing


Effortlessly integrate your marketing, sales, and service teams using Sales CRM.

Collaborate with these features 
  • Work Order Flow
  • Clear View of All Your Deals
  • Organize communication